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All-on-Four Implants: The Power of a Brand New Smile

All-on-Four Implants: The Power of a Brand New Smile

All-on-Four ChicagoAs you explore today’s modern solutions for replacing missing teeth, you’ve got quite a lot to consider. Having a smile that looks great is an asset. Even if you’re not in the market for a glamorous Hollywood smile, you’d probably still like to have teeth that look like they’ve always been yours. But, looks aren’t everything. Investing in new teeth requires a significant investment of time and finances. How can you ensure that you enjoy the very best return on your investment?

You can start by choosing a tooth replacement solution like All-on-4 implants, which are strong enough to deliver an impressively long-term return on your investment. A growing number of adults are learning that All-on-4 implants are powerful answers to tooth loss—particularly complete tooth loss.

In cases where all of the teeth are missing, or need to be extracted, a removable set of replacement teeth (like a conventional denture) generally isn’t durable enough and comfortable enough for long-term satisfaction. Permanent replacement teeth like dental bridges aren’t an option at all, since these appliances must be anchored to at least two strong natural teeth. Eliminating those options, it becomes clear that a permanent set of artificial teeth that are anchored by a minimal number of dental implants is an appealing and functional solution.

To appreciate just how strong your new teeth will be, you can compare the mechanics of a dental implant to the mechanics of a natural tooth. Both are anchored deep into the jawbone for unparalleled stability. Both can withstand the constant forces that are necessary for biting and chewing with confidence. And, just like a natural tooth root, the post of a dental implant provides the steady stimulation that is necessary to sustain the volume of the jaw bone. That means that the jaw won’t shrink or atrophy just because the real teeth are missing.

In a simple one day surgical procedure, you can elect to have four dental implants placed in the jaw to create a strong foundation for your new smile.  This has been coined “Teeth in a Day”. Just contact the ORA office of Steven Koos DDS, MD at 312-328-9000 to arrange a consultation today.

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