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Can I have my wisdom teeth removed if I’m pregnant?

Can I have my wisdom teeth removed if I’m pregnant?

Pregnancy certainly isn’t a handicap, an illness, or a disease. It is, however, a time in a woman’s life when certain precautions should be exercised in the interest of protecting the delicate health of an unborn child. As a rule of thumb, most elective medical and dental procedures should be postponed until after the baby has been born, but it’s a rule that is somewhat flexible since individual circumstances can vary widely.

The decision to have the wisdom teeth extracted is an example of such a decision. If you are pregnant or considering the idea of starting a family, your oral surgeon can assess your third molars to determine if they represent a health risk to you or to your baby. Studies indicate detrimental distant effects for pregnant mothers. These health risks can include a chronic infection in the gums or in the surrounding bone, pain, decay, or eating complications.

If the wisdom teeth present a low or minimal health risk, they still should be removed before you become pregnant or if not possible, then after the baby is born. Occasionally, problems with the wisdom teeth can become so acute that the treatment cannot be postponed until after the pregnancy. Fortunately, wisdom teeth extractions can be performed during pregnancy, although the preferred time period is during the second trimester.

With the proper usage of protective aprons, only necessary radiographs are taken to evaluate the condition of the abscessed teeth. To control infection and to manage comfort, there are anesthetics, pain relievers, and antibiotics that are deemed safe for use during pregnancy and your dual degree (physician & dentist) oral and maxillofacial surgeon will appropriately prescribe these for you.  Pregnancy is a time when women are striving for peak health in order to bring a vibrant baby into the world. When the wisdom teeth threaten to interfere with that process, it is not necessary to suffer or worry. The teeth can be removed as safely as possible before, during, or after the pregnancy, according to the needs of the expectant mother and the unborn child.

If you have questions about extracting your wisdom teeth during pregnancy, contact our Downtown Chicago office, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312-328-9000 for a detailed consultation today.

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