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Oral Surgeon in Chicago Receives Awards and Top Rankings From HealthTap

Oral Surgeon in Chicago Receives Awards and Top Rankings From HealthTap

Online PR News – 26-September-2013 –Chicago, IL – Chicago Loop oral surgeon Dr. Steven Koos, an Elite-level medical provider on HealthTap, a digitally-based health information company, was recently recognized by the interactive health information network with two prestigious awards, Top Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon in the Nation and Top Thought Leader in the Chicago Region, in conjunction with the company’s “Top Doctor” competition.

In addition to the two awards bestowed on the Chicago oral surgeon by HealthTap, Dr. Koos was voted as a number one provider in a variety of categories within the site’s “Known For” competition. With rankings based on votes from member patients and trusted colleagues, the Chicago oral surgeon received top ranking in the following areas: #1 for Dental Implants in Chicago, #1 for Oral Health in Chicago, #1 for Anesthesia in Chicago and #1 for Tongue Abnormalities in the nation.

Dr. Koos’ awards and top rankings are indicative of the level of engagement he offers to users of HealthTap, as well as his contributions to the collective medical wisdom of the community, the size of the network comprised of patients and colleagues that he has developed on the platform, and the support he offers others by sharing his medical expertise.

HealthTap’s digital network is comprised of an online website and mobile applications that provide personalized health information by U.S.-based physicians to individuals from around the world. The platform is designed to allow individuals to ask specific and personal medical-related questions to doctors within particular fields. Responses function, in essence, like a virtual second opinion, or can simply provide information regarding medical conditions or health concerns. Determining the expertise of member physicians is based on a series of assessments and rankings by member patients, as well as by peer review. The Chicago oral surgeon’s designation as an Elite provider, as well as his numerous awards and #1 rankings, are based on these assessments and reviews.

“HealthTap allows me to engage in a cutting-edge means of disseminating and sharing medical information and health advice with individuals from around the world, while also connecting with practitioners in my field and related fields,” explains Dr. Koos. “This engagement improves how medical information is obtained by individuals and allows me to build relationships while sharing my knowledge. I am proud to have been recognized for my expertise by my peers and HealthTap members with these awards and top rankings.”

Dr. Koos is a leading oral, maxillofacial and jaw surgeon in Chicago and is the owner of ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, a practice focused on providing exceptional oral and maxillofacial surgical care in a patient-centered and environmentally-responsible environment. The expertise of the Chicago oral surgeon includes all facets of oral and jaw surgery, including specific procedures such as dental implants, All-on-4 implants, implant-supported dentures and wisdom teeth removal, as well as more complex surgical procedures impacting the teeth, jaw and facial structures.


Dr. Steven Koos, an oral surgeon in Chicago and Elite-level provider at HealthTap, has been voted by a group of his peers and member patients as the #1 provider in a variety of categories, and has been selected for two prestigious awards by the interactive healthcare company. Dr. Koos offers oral, maxillofacial and jaw surgery in Chicago at his practice, ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, and is one of the founding experts in the field of oral and maxillofacial surgery at HealthTap. HealthTap is a digitally-based, interactive community of medical professionals that provide medical information and advice in response to members’ health-related questions. For more information about Dr. Steven Koos and ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio, visit or call 312-328-9000.

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