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Can I Replace Both Lower and Upper Teeth With All-on-4 Dental Implants?

Can I Replace Both Lower and Upper Teeth With All-on-4 Dental Implants?

All-on-Four ChicagoIf you are completely edentulous, or missing all of your upper and lower teeth, there is a tooth replacement solution that has been designed expressly for you. By harnessing the advantages of both dental implants and dentures, your oral surgeon can permanently restore your entire smile, and more often than not, in a single day!

Utilizing a revolutionary concept known as All-On-4, Drs. Steven Koos and Brian Shah, your downtown Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgeons, have the ability to establish a firm foundation upon which your new smile can be anchored. Patients who are less than satisfied with their traditional dentures, as well as those patients who may lack the bone volume to support a full complement of dental implants, can be ideal candidates for the All-On-4 procedure.

With a proven surgical strategy, your full upper or full lower denture can be replaced with a set of four dental implants and a custom fabricated, full arch dental bridge, to create a strong, healthy smile. Rather than relying on your gum tissue for support like dentures do, the implants are able to securely and comfortably absorb the forces of biting and chewing.

Patients who are healthy enough to tolerate surgical treatment may elect to have both the upper and lower teeth replaced in the same visit. For most patients, this procedure is revolutionary, to have what used to take over a year of multiple visits and multiple procedures carried out in one day under the comforts of sedation anesthesia. In fact, many patients are surprised that they are also able to resume eating a soft diet and speaking on the same day that the procedure is performed.

A complete review of your medical history will be necessary, as well as complete advanced 3D x-rays and a clinical evaluation in order to determine if this procedure is right for you. Our dental clinic team at ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio will provide a thorough explanation of the procedure and review the post-operative instructions once you and your oral surgeon have decided to move forward with your treatment.

Your teeth are a necessary part of your everyday life. Without teeth that feel stable and strong, each day can become quite a challenge. To regain your confidence and restore your dental health, schedule a discussion with our dental implant experts to learn more about the All-On-4 procedure today.

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