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Fractured Tooth: What are my options?

Fractured Tooth: What are my options?

Chicago tooth extractionWhen a tooth is fractured or broken, your treatment options will be heavily dependent upon the extent of the fracture. In most cases, if there is a reasonable chance of saving the tooth, a strong dental restoration should be recommended.

If the fracture extends below the gumline, or involves the roots of the tooth, you will need to consult an oral and maxillofacial oral surgeon about tooth extraction and tooth replacement plans. Even with extensive restorative treatment, the prognosis for a fractured tooth is often poor. You should rely not only upon your dentist’s recommendation, but also the expertise of a dental trauma expert – an oral and maxillofacial surgeon – in determining the fate of your tooth.

Rather than invest your precious time and finances into a tooth with an unfavorable prognosis, tooth extraction followed by the placement of a dental implant could prove to be the most feasible, rational, and longest lasting choice. An oral surgeon is the best dental professional most equipped to manage the challenges of atraumatically extracting a damaged tooth. Once the tooth has been gently removed, your oral surgeon also has the ability to place a dental implant, often immediately.

The success of your dental implant is largely influenced by the volume and density of the underlying bone. A fractured tooth must be removed as carefully as possible in order to preserve the integrity of the surrounding bone. Sometimes, the surrounding bone becomes damaged as a result of the traumatized tooth, in which case additional procedures such as bone grafting or recontouring may be necessary. In the hands of a skilled dental surgery professional, these related procedures can be completed with relative ease by your Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgeon.

A fractured tooth is an unpredictable dental condition. Whenever it is possible, reasonable and conservative efforts should be made to save and restore your natural teeth.  However, this is usually not possible. In the absence of your natural tooth, a dental implant provides you with the best and most naturally appearing and functioning tooth replacement alternative.  Without compromising the integrity of the adjacent teeth, the implant completely mimics a real tooth both in form and in function.

To explore the options for your fractured (broken) tooth in the Chicago Loop and surrounding Chicago suburbs, contact ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312-328-9000 and schedule your professional consultation.

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