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How are All-on-Four dental implants different from dentures?

How are All-on-Four dental implants different from dentures?

All-on-Four ChicagoFew patients would choose to lose all of the upper or lower teeth. Unfortunately, due to trauma, disease, and other circumstances, complete tooth loss is a common occurrence in our society. Although dentures have been a popular choice for tooth replacement for hundreds of years, the introduction and success of dental implants has changed the way we now address tooth loss.

Patients who have lost all of the upper or lower teeth are choosing a procedure known as All-on-Four in Chicago as an impressive alternative to traditional. poorly fitting dentures. Instead of a removable denture that is designed to rest directly on the delicate gum tissue, our highly experienced dual-degree Chicago oral surgeon can design a denture that is fully supported by permanent dental implants.

The many problems with traditional dentures become a thing of the past

The All-on-Four technique is based on the concept that four strategically placed dental implants can support an entire complete upper or lower denture. The dental implants are fully integrated with the jaw bone for long-term durability, strength, and support. Once the denture has been anchored to the implant, patients can enjoy more comfortable chewing and speaking, with the confidence that the denture and implants will never shift or slide out of place. The denture will not rub or irritate the gum tissue, and does not need to be removed for normal oral hygiene.

Typically, your oral surgeon can complete the All-on-Four procedure in a single visit, and patients can function with chewing within a day. This procedure has been proven to be tremendously successful (90% success rate) for patients who have suffered significant bone loss as well as tooth loss, and for patients who may not have been candidates for traditional implant procedures.

The advantages of the All-on-Four procedure as compared to the traditional denture are impressive. Obtaining a strong, attractive, and complete set of teeth in one day with no worries about gum irritation or instability can be extremely rewarding. In fact, simply having teeth that fit well and function well can have an immeasurable impact on the quality of your life.

Scheduling an appointment to discuss the All-on-Four procedure with our oral surgeon serving Chicago IL 60616 is the only way to find out if this treatment is right for you. Call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312.328.9000 for your consultation today.


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