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Part 2: Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Be Fun – Ellen Degeneres Says So!

Part 2: Wisdom Teeth Removal Can Be Fun – Ellen Degeneres Says So!

Wisdom teeth removal = Surgery = Fun?  This is the second of a three part series depicting real life examples of how having impacted wisdom teeth removed can not only be a painless and quick procedure, which is safely carried out with sedation and anesthesia, but also how the post-recovery period can make for life-long entertaining memories…especially when captured on film by your family!

As previously indicated, no one looks forward to surgery of any type.  Well, unless the ailment that is causing pain or a problem is being removed, such as impacted wisdom tooth surgery.  But even when mal-positioned wisdom teeth are not causing outwardly acute symptoms, a chronic problem can be occurring that quietly can cause harm to adjacent teeth and bone.  A similar analogy exists with hypertension, known as high blood pressure.  It usually does not manifest itself with obvious acute symptoms, but silently causes harm to various organs of the body.  When hypertension does start to demonstrate acute symptoms, much damage can already have occurred.  Therefore, even if your wisdom teeth are not causing you any symptoms, you should still seek consultation with an expert oral surgeon.

The wisdom tooth experience at ORA Oral Surgery & Implant Studio emphasizes safety and comfort, attention to detail, customer service, and caring follow-up.  We feel it is an honor and privilege that people entrust their safety and oral surgery treatment with us every single day.  That being said, we thoroughly enjoy our work and have fun doing it.  We encourage patients to relax and have fun with their wisdom tooth extraction experience as well. This video shows Ellen Degeneres acknowledging what a fun experience that two siblings had with their oral surgery and says “It’s a shame that you don’t have any more teeth to pull”.


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