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New Alternatives for Denture Wearers

New Alternatives for Denture Wearers

If you are faced with the loss of some or all of your teeth, today’s technology and advances in dentistry mean that you have several options other than traditional ill-fitting dentures. Your ORA oral surgeon offers permanent prosthetic teeth anchored by dental implants. While some dental implant techniques require more invasive surgery, bone grafting and sometimes a lengthy healing process, other approaches take much less time, heal more quickly, and still provide the advantage of permanently secured dentures, or replace dentures altogether.

Types of Implant Secured Dentures and Implant Bridges

Traditional dental implants consist of a titanium fixture that is anchored in the jawbone. Placing this type of implant requires an oral surgeon to usually make incisions in the gums, possibly build up lost bone, and also involves a healing process that can last several months. The prosthetic teeth either are secured by a set of implants or are permanently attached to these implants, thereby replacing loose-fitting, unstable removable dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, they are streamlined, and either firmly secure dentures in place or replace dentures entirely with a long-span permanent bridge that is not removed.

Another new approach to replacing many lost teeth is the All-on-4 procedure. This procedure can be used in any situation but offers an exciting solution for patients that were previously told that they could not have implants because of insufficient bone mass to support traditional implants. Making use of areas in the jawbone that have more substantial bone mass, the ORA oral surgeon places four implants, two angled and two straight, on which a single long spanning bridge is placed that very same day, replacing all the missing teeth. The All-on-four bridges of this type remain stable in the mouth, reducing the likelihood of discomfort due to rubbing or slipping as seen with traditional dentures.

What Approach is Best for You?

Which procedure will work best for you depends upon how many teeth you need to have replaced, as well as your overall health and the condition of the bone in your lower and upper jaws. A consultation with an experienced ORA oral surgeon will help you determine what approach will provide you with the best, most comfortable and long lasting option.

For more information about alternatives to traditional dentures in Chicago, please contact our office to make an appointment or to schedule a consultation.

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