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Sedation Dentistry: How Long Will I Feel Groggy After Treatment Is Over?

Sedation Dentistry: How Long Will I Feel Groggy After Treatment Is Over?

sedation dentist ChicagoWhen your mind and body have been able to achieve a deep and profound level of relaxation, it can be tough to switch gears and get “back to reality”. For many patients, such is the challenge at the conclusion of an oral surgery procedure performed under sedation. The groggy feeling that comes from waking up from such a restful state is something that can stick with you for a few moments or a few hours, depending upon the depths of your sedation and ultimately your metabolism.

For millions of patients, the temporarily groggy or foggy state of mind is worthwhile and even comforting. If you suffer from any level of dental anxiety or apprehension, Drs. Steven Koos DDS, MD and Brian Shah DDS, MD, your sedation dentists serving Chicago, offer proven medications and techniques that can make your visit as stress-free as possible.

Depending upon your overall state of health, your level of anxiety, and the extent of your planned surgical procedure, the level of sedation that is best for you will be recommended and safely administered. This usually includes intravenous medications and adjunctive local anesthetics.

These methods are specifically designed to lull you to sleep, and patients are able to fully relax and even enjoy a peaceful nap during their treatment. During the procedure, your perception of pain and your memories of the visit will be significantly reduced and mostly eliminated. For many patients, stress and anxiety stem from a fear of actually having the teeth and gums numbed. To address this very real concern, the dental team will ensure that you are deeply relaxed at the very beginning of your visit and will never see or feel a shot.

At the conclusion of your visit, you should not expect to experience pain, and you will only have limited memories of your treatment. As the effects of the sedation begin to wear off, it is common to feel a little groggy, and you’ll need to have a responsible adult accompany you and drive you home to see that you arrive home safely.

Due to the very short acting medications these Chicago oral and maxillofacial surgeons use for their advanced sedation dentistry techniques, patients feel very alert and almost “back to normal” within a few hours after returning home.

Trusting your sedation dentist to guide you through your surgical treatment can alleviate your fears and improve the outcome of your procedure. To plan your visit and learn more about your dental sedation alternatives, call ORA® Oral Surgery & Implant Studio at 312-328-9000 to schedule your consultation today.

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