Bony Lesions: Anatomic Radiolucencies

In managing your oral health, a dental surgeon takes on the tremendous responsibility of trying to differentiate healthy tissues from unhealthy tissues. Making this determination about a spot or lesion on the surface of your skin is usually as simple as a clinical observation or a brush biopsy. But, this task becomes far more complicated […]

Protruding Lower Jaw: What are my options?

A severe underbite, or a protruding lower jaw, can have detrimental consequences for your smile’s appearance, and this condition can also limit your ability to chew effectively and efficiently. That is why a protruding lower jaw, prognathsim, is a common reason cited by patients who are exploring jaw surgery to correct the defect. Although early […]

The Origin of Dental Implants

The history of dental implants is both interesting and somewhat complicated. The concept of replacing a natural tooth with an artificial substitute isn’t one that was simply born one day in a laboratory. Instead, it’s an idea that has roots in some ancient civilizations and has been continuously modified and adapted right up until modern […]

Can You Ever Keep Your Wisdom Teeth?

Although surgical procedures are performed every hour of every day in our country, each one comes with inherent risks and benefits to your health. No surgical procedure should be performed unless it is medically necessary, and each of the benefits and risks should be carefully weighed in order to protect the safety of each patient. […]

Dental Implants vs. Dentures: A Comparison

In a matter of moments, an innocent discussion about missing teeth can evolve into a storm of confusing clinical terms and concepts. There are countless benefits to be gained from replacing missing teeth, but there are also several replacement options. Which solution is best, and what are the differences and similarities? Dental implants and dentures […]